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Get out of your head and back to the body!

2DANCE: Back to the body with Othernode (live)

For this edition of 2DANCE: Back to the body we invite Groningen based multidisciplinary artist Othernode. With his modular synthesizer system he makes eclectic electronics ranging from tribal electronica & dub, as well as tech hop & voodoo pop, to noise & atmospheric soundscapes. Perfect soundwaves for you to get ‘back to the body’ on.


Back to the body is an hour long dance session with live music, open to anyone wanting to (re)connect with their body in a safe environment. The rules are: no talking, no touching, no shoes, no alcohol and no drugs. The event will be accompanied by professional dancer Gaja Caruso, who will be there to help you with your own individual experience; whether this is laying on the floor for the entire hour, or dancing till you drop. Whatever works for you, works for us.

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