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What happened to the monumental/beloved classical ballet?

The meaning of Swan Lake has been reinvented to become a departure point for a narrative that encompasses crisis, escapism and responsibility. Our version of Swan Lake reinterprets the role of the audience by endowing them with the power to influence the night. As the ending of the tale is in the collective hands of the spectators, the reaction to today’s global crisis is our responsibility. Will we learn how to tame the Black Swan of our times?

“Never waste a good crisis”. Churchill’s words sound more timely than ever. The arrival of corona brought us to the realisation of a long-cherished wish: Integrating theatre with the possibilities of the online world. The doors of our virtual theatre open to host the online version of the performance: Swan Lake The Game.

Tuesday 20 October 2020 Swan Lake get it’s premiere in theater De Oosterpoort Groningen and Lake The Game at the online theater NITEhotel.org. Just choose if you prefer the real life experience in the theater or the comfort of your own couch.



di 20 okt 19:00

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