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Looking for a place 2 dance? Look no further!

2 introduces 2Dance: workshops for advanced, non-professional dancers by pro’s like our Poetic Disasters Club, Teddy’s Last Ride and more. So if you want to improve your skills and/or are looking for a fun WORKOUT, mail to 2dance@clubguyandroni.nl and get in touch 😍 Do it!

Meet our teachers: Linde & David

Linde Wagemakers

Linde is a driven dancer, creator and teacher, currently graduating as a dance teacher at the Amsterdam University of Arts. And yes, traveling from Amsterdam to Groningen is quite far, but like said before: she is driven. During her education she has developed a physical language, inspired by many choreographers and teachers, among which Guy Weizman and Roni Haver. Her classes will consist of various Floorwork, Contemporary and improvisation techniques. Besides teaching, Linde is education intern and project leader at 2Dance, together with her fellow student and colleague David.

David Cham

David is a versatile dancer from Düsseldorf and student at the Amsterdam University of Arts for theatre and dance. David is currently in his graduation year. During this year, he has been very busy with several productions and projects. NITE and 2Dance are part of this, fortunately! He gets inspired by life, people and feelings, but also by fairy tales or stories about magic and the future. In his classes he will work with elements of Contemporary, African principles and K-pop.



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