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Youngsters discount at Theater Rotterdam

Theater Rotterdam has a special offer for visitors at the age of 30 and younger.


Click the ‘order’ button below.You will be lead to the website of Theater Rotterdam. Then hit the ‘data en tickets’ button.
Choose a date which suits you and click ‘voeg toe’. The button will now change in a button ‘verder’. Click it and it will lead you to next page.
At the next page you can schoose if you would like to choose your seats yourself (zelf stoelen kiezen). Or if you would like to get it chosen for you (automatische plaatsing).

Choosing seats yourself:
When you’re done choosing your seats, you see a side bar popping up. It’s now time tot choose your discount!
Click the button ‘t/m 30 jaar’ and then ‘deze prijs voor alle stoelen kiezen’, which just popped up, if you had chosen more than one seat. Then click ‘verder’ in the right bottom corner.

Getting your seats chosen:
When you clicked the button ‘automatische plaatsing’ your seats will be automaticcaly chosen for you. You are able to choose your type of tickets directly.
Choose a catagory and select the amount of tickets called ‘t/m 30 jaar’. These are the tickets including a discount for visitors at the age of 30 and younger.

Right now, you will see an overview of your order. Click ‘verder’. You are now able to log in, create an account and to confirm your order.

We would love to see you there!

Not clear yet? Don’t hestitate to send us an e-mail, so we can help you out! Because language schould not be a problem.



Fri 10 Jan 20:15

Dear Winnie,

Schouwburg Rotterdam,Theater Rotterdam
Thu 9 Jan 20:15

Dear Winnie,

Theater Rotterdam,Schouwburg Rotterdam

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