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NITE delivery

09 02 2021 ,1MIN
NITE Delivery will start in April. For 8 weeks we bring NITE art from 16 different artists to your home.

Open call for artists

26 10 2020 ,3MIN

Swan Lake: the Game lands Istanbul Theatre Festival

23 10 2020 ,1MIN
The 24th edition of Istanbul Theatre Festival hosts our Swan Lake in its colourful program.

Listen to Swan Lake - the Warm Up Podcast

23 10 2020 ,1MIN
Listen to our online introduction 🎧 SWAN LAKE: THE WARM UP 🎧 on your way to the theater or at home when getting ready for SWAN LAKE: THE GAME. ⁠Listen below or find it in your favourite podcast app (like iTunes, Spotify or Stitcher)
Swan Lake

Swan Lake in Groningen SOLD OUT

20 10 2020 ,1MIN
Swan Lake in Groningen is sold out Don't worry! There are still tickets available for the online version Swan Lake: The Game.
NITE delivery

FAQ Swan Lake

19 10 2020 ,4MIN
Questions about Swan Lake online? Please read below

New corona measures

16 10 2020 ,1MIN
We are consulting with the theatres about our touring performances.

Sofiko dances Swan Lake in VPRO Mondo

12 10 2020 ,1MIN
Our Sofiko Nachkebiya danced her breath-taking Swan Lake solo in VPRO Mono past Sunday, accompanied by Niels Meliefste of Slagwerk Den Haag.
NITE delivery


25 09 2020 ,1MIN
YOU decide how this fairy tale ends.
Swan Lake

Sofiko in Swanlake

04 09 2020 ,1MIN
Life-Sized Documentaries came to the rehearsals of Swanlake, to discuss this classic piece with dancer Sofiko and choreographer Roni.

Public rehearsal Swan Lake

02 09 2020 ,1MIN
Public rehearsal Swan Lake on 14th of September.
NITE delivery


01 07 2020 ,1MIN
Prepare for 24 hours of theatre, dance and music!
24-hour Global Art Carrousel for Doctors Without Borders

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