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Season 2022-23: YARA'S WEDDING

30 11 2022 ,1MIN
This season we’re joining forces with Schauspiel Hannover, Slagwerk den Haag and Asko|Schonberg to invite you to Yara's Wedding, and yesterday we started off by reading the script!
Season 2022-23: YARA’S WEDDING

Adam Khazhmuradov replacing injured Adam Peterson

28 11 2022 ,1MIN
Due to a performance-related injury, our very own California Kid, Adam Peterson, is unable to join the upcoming performances of Fortune.


20 11 2022 ,1MIN
After an electrifying opening night, we’re ready to go on tour. And what better way to start, then by starting off in Amsterdam!
Club Guy & Roni Invites

The Art of Fotune: Sounds of India

01 11 2022 ,1MIN
After Happiness, Phobia, Freiheit, LOVE, and Freedom, Fortune is the next performance in the series The Human Odyssey, in which Club Guy & Roni works with international artistic partners to explore how our emotions determine our lives.

Club Invites: The Interviews

18 10 2022 ,1MIN
For the second edition of Club Guy & Roni Invites, writer Yvon van Apeldoorn interviewed choreographer Mohamed Yusuf Boss and Lunatics and Poets about the creative process of both performances.
Club Guy & Roni Invites

My First Tragedy: Iphigeneia

18 10 2022 ,1MIN
What drives a father sacrifice his child - and what drive a child to let itself be sacrificed?
My First Tragedy: Iphigeneia

Poetic Disasters Club auditions

16 10 2022 ,1MIN
Auditions for the next season of Poetic Disasters Club, our junior company,  have started! ⁠

Opening night FORTUNE

09 10 2022 ,1MIN
Fortune is.. getting to premiere in your hometown!

Fortune is..

24 09 2022 ,1MIN
All-day breakfast, bonding with strangers, being inside when it’s raining.. FORTUNE is whatever you want it to be. And so we want to know: what is it to you?

Rehearsals Club Guy & Roni Invites

24 09 2022 ,1MIN
Rehearsals for this year's CLUB INVITES have started and they are FIRE! 🔥 ⁠
Club Guy & Roni Invites

Public rehearsal FORTUNE

13 09 2022 ,1MIN
After a buzzing public rehearsal last night, the dreamlike fantasy is taking shape.. 🪷

FORTUNE: the interview

08 09 2022 ,5MIN
Writer Yvon van Apeldoorn interviewed Guy Weizman en Roni Haver and spoke to them about the creation process of the new Club Guy & Roni performance FORTUNE, their trip to India and the fortune of diversity.

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