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Adam Peterson



Adam Peterson was born in 1989 in Sacramento, California. In 2011, he graduated after studying jazz at the Dominican University and ballet at Alonzo King LINES Ballet. In January 2012, he set foot on Dutch turf as a young, unemployed dancer. The friend he was staying with in Groningen brought an audition at the City Theater in Oldenburg, where Guy Weizman and Roni Haver were “choreographers in residence,” to his attention. He went to it naively and unpreparedly, not knowing very much about the company or anything at all about Guy and Roni. He was not accepted, but instead was offered a spot on the spot in Club Guy & Roni. Back in Groningen, he quickly did some Googling and found out to his great surprise (and his slight shame) that the dance video that had inspired him to come to Europe was made by . . . Club Guy & Roni. It obviously had to turn out this way. What he finds most wonderful about the Club is that the “band of idiots” still knows how to surprise and inspire him, both professionally and personally.

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