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Angela Herenda was born in 1988 in a small town on the coast of Croatia, which at the time was still called Yugoslavia. During the war with so many names (the Yugoslavian war, the Citizens’ War, the war for Croatian freedom, the “dumb and senseless” war), she took up singing and dancing in a refugee camp in Istria. When she was back in the city where she was born, she enrolled herself in the local music school and became “the umpteenth girl that was going to make something of herself.” It turned out well, and she was accepted into the Rotterdam Dance Academy. She has worked in the Netherlands with a whole lot of inspiring people and subsequently danced in Hong Kong, Sweden, and Oldenburg and finally found her home with Club Guy & Roni. In the meantime, she has also made forays into the world of acting. Angela really can do it all.

“Regarding her acting achievement, Herena is absolutely De Moor’s equal in this ‘Big Brother meets Brave New World’ saga.” Eric Nederkoorn about Brave New World 2.0 in Dagblad van het Noorden

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