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Igor Podsiadly


Igor (a.k.a. Igor Podsiadly)

Igor Podsiadly, whose last name is unpronounceable in the Netherlands, started dancing in Poland at an early age with a 90’s competitive disco group, the only boy who despite being slightly overweight nevertheless had the honour of performing all solos because he “had potential”. During his second year with the Rotterdam Dance Academy, he mustered up the courage to send a mail to Club Guy & Roni, which was then promptly ignored. However, a few months later, he was sent out the work on a project with the Club because they had asked for “someone tall”. He again managed to acquire a solo, which was a blessing because he’s not good at communicating with others. Since 2005, he’s been a member of Club Guy & Roni, and manages to live the dream: he now gets solos all the time.

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