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Jochem Braat

Keys and voice.

Jochem was born in Amsterdam in 1988 in a house full of (jazz) music. He was just a child when he was allowed to choose and play records.

After playing the clarinet for 8 years, he put the instrument back in its case and opened the cover of the piano. at first pop and jazz music, but later also Bach, Mozart, Debussy and Berg. Jochem studied jazz piano at the Conservatory of Amsterdam (Bachelor), at the Conservatorio di Santa Cecilia in Rome, and eventually obtained his Master’s degree with Bert van den Brink at the Conservatory of Utrecht.

No genre is too crazy for Jochem. Besides old, modern and contemporary Jazz, Jochem also feels at home in many other genres such as instant-composing, Brazilian (folk) music and the use of synthesisers. In his master he also investigated several parts of the Ars Subtilior (late-Medieval music). All these genres can be heard in Jochem’s performances, arrangements and compositions. As varied as his production are his multiple projects. For example, he has classical musicians and jazz musicians play together in his group ‘sQuare ensemble’, and he plays synths in the space disco band ‘Luchtman’.

He crossed his musical path with many inspiring musicians, dancers and other artists, including Wilbert de Joode, Corrie van Binsbergen, the dance collective Chronos, cabaret artist Ronald Snijders, Han Bennink, Benjamin Herman, Bert van den Brink, Konrad Koselleck, Ellen ten Damme and Wouter Hamel.

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