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FridayNITE 1 February

FridayNITE is a weekly stage for experimental art at Bloemstraat 38 in Groningen. By Noord Nederlands Toneel + Club Guy & Roni. Open every Friday evening from 18:30.

Every Friday. FridayNITE. A weekly stage for experimental art at Bloemstraat 38.

• Music by Roelie Vutton • Theatre by 2 • Kim & Kanye Show •

• Live 4 Ever • (NL SPOKEN)
Theatre play by 2. You know, those youngsters from the bus stop. They’ll bury death. Not the. But death. Eery.

• Kim & Kanye Show • (ENGLISH SPOKEN)
Social stars Kim & Kanye rule the uploading era. You know more than you know. Fun stuff with Ye fans Martijn Halie & Roelie Vuitton, presentation by Lara Harbers. Love it.

• Roelie Vutton •
Musical selection by the big man. Enjoy.

Doors open 18:30
Fries & Salad at 19:00
Shows starts at 19:30 (We have one Live 4 Ever show starting earlier. Check the NNTWEE page if you want to joint that one)
Tickets are 5 euros.

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