Catturali - NiteClub Guy & Roni

Does size matter?

Another world. Two male creatures. Restless. Their overdeveloped genitals drag clumsily on the floor. They crave for a Female, although they have never seen one. Their physical urges drive them on. In an unknown language they wallow in fantasies and, yearning for something beyond their current reality, cherish valuable relics of long gone ladies..

Then a third hunter enters the scene who seems to have some extra brain power. After some braggadocio back and forth and in a desperate attempt to capture what they desire, the trio agrees on building a (quite dangerous) women trap. Will they succeed and make a change in their existence?

Catturali is an absurdist parody of dominance and machismo.

** Catturali is language no problem **



Wed 21 Jun 20:30


Theater de Machinefabriek Groningen


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