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Club Guy & Roni | Slagwerk Den Haag | Silbersee

The award-winning choreographer duo Guy Weizman and Roni Haver made a performance about freedom of thought, inspired by the groundbreaking masterpiece Naked Lunch by the American author William S. Burroughs. In the 1950s, Burroughs – one of the best known writers of the Beat Generation – accidentally shoots his wife in a drunken William Tell game. He incorporates this event in his later novel Naked Lunch. A book in which he breaks through all the literary codes and writes about the “interzone”, a place where dreams come true, revive hope, but also reveal your greatest fears. For Weizman and Haver this book is a bible for creativity and a free existence. Welcome to the ADHD world of psychotic poetry, banal humor and the credo of our time: I say what I think, so I am.

Dancers and actors from Club Guy & Roni are on stage with the singers from Silbersee and percussionists from Slagwerk Den Haag. With music specially composed for this performance by Yannis Kyriakides and a text by writer and theater maker Oscar van Woensel.

Dancer Igor Podsiadly received the Dutch Swan Award for most impressive dance performance 2014 for his role in this piece.


Choreography Guy Weizman, Roni Haver | Music composition Yannis Kyriakidis | Text Oscar van Woensel | Dance Dunja Jocic, Roni Haver, Angela Herenda, Camilo Chapela,Adam Peterson, Igor Podsiadly | Actrice, dramaturgy Veerle van Overloop | Percussion Pepe Garcia, Enric Monfort, Frank Wienk (Slagwerk Den Haag) |Vocals Steven van Gils, Tiemo Wang, Maciej Straburzynski (Silbersee) |Costumes Slavna Martinovic |Stage design Ascon de Nijs |Light Wil Frikken



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