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On the inspirational power of exceptional women in the wake of Winnie Mandela. Power up! Be unapologetic! 

What’s it like to be a womanan activist, and black? When do you rebel and seize your rightful place? In Dear Winnie, stories by nine actresses, singers and performers with African roots (from among others South Africa, Cameroon, Ghana, Cape Verde, Suriname and the Caribbean islands) are interwoven with that of Winnie Mandela, activist against the apartheid regime. Stories about shared history, connected to those of the Netherlands, filled with power, ruthless honesty and the seeds of inspiration and hope. 

This upcoming Friday in our online NITE Hotel, we are looking at fragments of the uncompromising production Dear Winnie, with audiences, creators, and experts. Noraly Beyer will moderate the evening, and we have invited Guardian journalist Arifa Akbar, director Junior Mthombeni, actress/ singer Joy Wielkens, actress/ dancer Alesandra Seutin, and DJ Chai Blaq as guests. Everyone can watch along on Zoom for the old-fashioned feeling of togetherness or watch anonymously in the NITE Hotel. The evening starts at 20:00 (cest)



Fri 22 May 20:00


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