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On Saturday 2nd of May Club Guy & Roni brings their rave shaped festival hit Mechanical Ecstasy to a screen near you. With a live ZOOM meeting in which professional video images of Mechanical Ecstasy at Lowlands are mixed with an MC (creator Guy Weizman himself), a DJ from infamous electronic music club OOST and YOU. Join the online party.

Strikes like a hammer blow. It is one of the radical works that put composer Louis Andriessen on the map in the 70s. The piece is written for two unique groups of instruments, consisting of congas, saxophones, pan flutes, and more. The groups are placed on opposites side of the stage and play almost identical material, both rhythmic and melodic. The musicians throw short phrases at each other at rapid speeds, like a musical tiki-taka style of play. Exact timing is of the essence, meaning that the musicians’ attention can’t falter for even a second. As a result, Hoketus is a visual spectacle that is impossible to forget.

Graphic designer Jaap Drupsteen created abstract video fragments for the visualisation of the piece, that ‘are chased by Hoketus’ hypnotising musical pulse’. The images are controlled live by one of the musicians during the performance, following a strict rhythm, on an specially designed video organ.



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