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Georgia Lyell

Poetic Disasters Club

Georgia Emily Lyell Harbour also known as Georgette, Courgette or Baguette.
Im from England, and France. English and French, French and English.
Im Fringlish.
I was a ballet piglet in Cannes then a contemporary cat in Barcelona moving to Madrid to be a
rockstar, now in Groningen prancing around with a midget and a giant.
My favourite colour is black , I love my beanie I have a French alter ego, her name is Jeanine (
Im loud. Fullstop.
I have 4 siblings and 2 parents.
Also 7 cats, 2 dogs, 2 hamsters, a fish and 2 birds. All animals listed died or flew away.
Ok that’s enough from me.
Au revoir!!!

Georgia is een ensemblelid van de Poetic Distasters Club seizoen 7.

Geef je op voor de digitale nieuwsbrief. Iedere andere maand een update over de thema's waar we op dat moment mee bezig zijn.