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Iro Karra

Poetic Disasters Club

Iro…the Greek Goddess that came to Europe to reveal the hidden knowledge of Greek fortune and, live with the mortals as a sign of modesty. People refer to that creature as IT, as it can transform into any kind of specie combining high quality theatrical rituals. Its voice can manipulate the audience into experiences the human race can not even imagine, by bringing knowledge of the past and future into the present moment. Whoever is around it finds it difficult to resist, and whenever it performs its miracles people start ecstatically clapping with joy and fulfillment. This is how Poetic Disasters Club fell in love with it. However, no one has found its Achilles heel yet, if there is any. There is a secret investigation on this matter trying to find a way to discover the weakness this Oracle might have. Till then…no one can escape. Good luck…


Iro is een ensemblelid van de Poetic Distasters Club seizoen 7.

Geef je op voor de digitale nieuwsbrief. Iedere andere maand een update over de thema's waar we op dat moment mee bezig zijn.