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Tessa Spagnoli


Prepare yourself for some intergalactic excitement with the smallest creature of the PDC✖️

Meet TEXXA 🪐 Directly from the sweetest galaxy ever existed, she is here to explore new tastes and get sugar rushed with you!

She isn’t loud but you can definitely hear her, she isn’t high but she will easily reach you!! She isn’t angry she’s just mad passionate to learn about human life and dreams.

Her Earth name is Tessa, she pretends to be Italian but that’s only an excuse to cover up her communication skills and her constant craving for emotions and desserts..

Get to know her and follow us through the PDCX journey! 🤿

Geef je op voor de digitale nieuwsbrief. Iedere andere maand een update over de thema's waar we op dat moment mee bezig zijn.