Yun-Ting Tsai - NiteClub Guy & Roni

Yun-Ting Tsai


The sweet-hearted Millennium Dragon Taiwanese girl has arrived! ⚡ YUN-TING was a shy person when she came to the Netherlands three years ago to experience “European” life. She might still be trying to trill the tongue and “G” sounds in Dutch, but try to speak Mandarin to her before you laugh at her!

She’s not afraid to try new things and explore. ‘cause she is brave like the dragon, fast like the leopard and cute like the chameleon, so you better watch out! 🐉

Tough yet sweet, emotional yet heartbreaker diva but always in a cool and smooth way. Is she naive? Sometimes naughty? Oops. She is expressive, that’s for sure, just look at her face and save it for your emoji-stickers. She is THE meme face you are looking for. She doesn’t realize it, but she is funny as hell!

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