FridayNITE 19 oktober

FridayNITE is a weekly stage for experimental art at Theater de Machinefabriek in Groningen. By Noord Nederlands Toneel + Club Guy & Roni. Open every Friday evening from 18:30.

Comedy by Stranger Things Have Happened

• Stranger Things Have Happened •
At Stranger Things shows, you never know what to expect. Neither do they. Stranger Things Have Happened is an English-speaking improv comedy group. For over seven years, they have been one of the leading improv groups in the country, playing hundreds of comedy shows ranging from small clubs to big theatres, both nationally and internationally.

Doors open 18:30
Fries & Salad at 19:00
Program starts at 19:30
Regula tickets: €5
ESN Members: €4

Fries and Salad are provided for a super low price, but they’re First Come, First Served. So be sure to be there early if you want to chow down right before the show!

You do not need to print your ticket and can simply bring the file on your phone. Tickets may at some point sell out at the door! If you wish to be sure of a ticket, please order online beforehand!



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